Contact Information and Cooperation Modes


I Merger & Acquisition and Cooperation

We are sincerely seeking excellent partners from around the world to jointly build a world-class blasting industry group through equity cooperation and management output.

II Export of Industrial Explosive Products

To export and sell industrial explosives, industrial detonators, ammonium nitrate, emulsifiers, composite oil phase to global customers.

III Export of Technology and Equipment

To offer transfer services of leading production lines of industrial explosive materials in the industry, special equipment and technology to global customers.

IV Cooperation in Blasting Projects

1 Blasting Service

To offer integrated blasting services to projects such as mining, hydropower station construction, transportation construction, and urban demolition on a global scale.

2 We are sincerely seeking excellent partners from around the world to work together to build an earth station for mixed loading of explosives, production lines of industrial explosive materials, an engineering blasting service company and a industrial explosives research center.

V Cooperation in Technology Management

1 To jointly build a technology research & development center and an industrial explosives test center;

2 To promote construction design technology and blasting design technology.

3 To promote advanced industrial explosive product technologies, including DDNP and resin microsphere.

4 To promote advanced equipment technologies: full automatic production line, underground mixed loading production line.

VI Contact Information

(I) Chengdu Headquarters

Tel.: +86 28 85325318                     E-mail:

(II) Auckland, New Zealand

Tel.: +64(0)9 525 1181                    E-mail: