Global Business


Global Business

I. Our cooperation modes joining global industrial chain of civil explosives:

Cooperation in Equity Merger & Acquisition

Trade of Civil Explosive Products

Cooperation of Civil Explosive Projects

Cooperation in Technology Management

Technical Equipment Cooperation

II. Global Steps

1. Successful Acquisition of RedBull Powder Company Limited: Sichuan Yahua Industrial Group Co., Ltd. (Yahua Group) purchased the largest civil explosive enterprise in New Zealand-RedBull Powder Company Limited in 2013, becoming the first company making acquisitions outside ofChina, and initiating the steps in joining global civil explosive industrial chain.

2. Construction of New Overseas Business Platform: In 2015, Yahua Group set up Star Holdings Limited (New Zealand)and Yahua Australia Yahua Pty Limited(Australia) according to the need of overseas business development to build a civil explosive platform in Australia.

3. Expansion of New Fields in Overseas Business: In order to quicken the steps in joining global civil explosive industrial chain, Yahua Group carried out market research and business connection in markets of Australia, Central Asia, Africa, and Southeast Asia, etc. The company has actively joined the construction of "One Belt and One Road" in Chinato expand overseas market of civil explosive products. In 2016, Yahua Group has made successful acquisition of assets of Australia Nedrill Corporate Family and initiated the expansion in Australian industrial explosive market.


III. Successful Experience      

Yahua Group has been committing to combining and integrating the advanced management mode of the Group with original management mode of RedBull Powder Co., Ltd. in New Zealand ever since the acquisition. On the premise that differences between corporate cultures and local legal requirements are taken into consideration, management level of RedBull Powder Co., Ltd. is adequately trusted and ized, while uniform management principles of the Group are implanted into all aspects of the enterprise operation and management under the "Management Outlines" mode. Till now, management team of RedBull Powder Co., Ltd. has fully mastered and implemented management philosophy of Yahua Group. Both daily communication and approval of important matters are integrated into daily management system of Yahua Group. RedBull Powder Co., Ltd. has been converted from a private enterprise to a transnational holding subsidiary which meets management requirements of the Chinese listed company. Its business performance has been improving year by year. RedBull Powder Co., Ltd. achieved a year-on-year growth of 9.5% in operation revenue and a year-on-year growth of 26.3% in net profits in 2015 against the background that global economy declines.